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A chipped tooth can be the result of several different things. This could come in the form of a notable dental trauma, like a hard blow to the face or from grinding your teeth at night without the protection of a dental guard. If you have a bad habit of biting your fingernails or using your teeth as tools, you are at increased risk of suffering a chip on one or more of your teeth.

If the chip is small, Drs. Haas, Haas, and Burns might be able to repair it at Family Dentistry, Inc. with a composite or amalgam dental filling.

Our dentists will start the treatment process by numbing the tooth and surrounding gums with an injection of Novocain. Then, they will use a drill to remove the decayed enamel to provide a clean, healthy surface to cement a filling in place.

The filling material our dentists use will depend on both the tooth’s primary function and its appearance in your smile.

Amalgam and composite fillings can be applied in a single appointment. Amalgam is a metallic blend of durable dental metals, making it a good choice for repairing back teeth. It is dark in color, making amalgam fillings a poor choice for repairing a chip that is visible in your smile.

Composite fillings are made from dental-grade resin that can be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding enamel of a tooth in your smile.

Once the filling material has been applied and cured by an ultraviolet light, it will effectively repair the tooth for many years.

If you have a chip on one of your teeth and you live in the Lebanon, Ohio, area, you should call 513-932-6991 to have it treated at Family Dentistry, Inc.