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Drs. Haas, Haas and Zuptich can help you treat gum disease with modern techniques when you visit Family Dentistry, Inc.. Depending on your oral health needs, our dentists may recommend a procedure known as flap surgery.

Flap surgery is often used to treat advanced stages of gum disease, or periodontitis, when nonsurgical procedures become insufficient. To help you prepare for flap surgery, a member of our team will remove the plaque and tartar around your teeth and evaluate your oral hygiene to ensure your mouth is suitable for surgery.

At the beginning of the procedure, one of our dentists will provide you with an anesthetic to numb the affected area. Then, our dentists will fold back the gums to access the roots of the teeth and the jawbone. The dentist will remove any inflamed gum tissue or weakened bone before performing a deep cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing. We may also recommend osseous surgery to treat any existing bone defects. The dentist will then place the gums against the teeth and stitch them up.

Following your surgery, we will provide you with in-depth post-surgical instructions to care for your mouth while it heals. If you have any questions about receiving flap surgery in Lebanon, Ohio, please call 513-932-6991 to speak with a member of our team.