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If you have noticed that your back teeth have biting surfaces full of deep contours such as fissures and pits, you may have found that these areas are difficult to keep clean of plaque and lingering bits of food. This can increase your risk of forming large cavities that require invasive dental work and jeopardize the future of your smile.

Our dentist may recommend dental sealants if you or your child struggles with deep grooves in back teeth. Dental sealants are mainly intended for children and teenagers, but they can serve well for adults who are concerned about the health of their back teeth.

Made from a quality plastic resin, dental sealants are applied to your back teeth’s biting surfaces and then hardened with a special ultraviolet light–all in a very quick procedure. Any plaque or food particles that come into contact with these teeth will be unable to reach the natural chewing surface of these teeth beneath the dental sealants.

Because dental sealants are so durable, they can protect your teeth for many years without being worn away from brushing and flossing. Keep in mind that you will still need to clean these areas of your teeth despite having dental sealants.

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