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For those who are missing teeth, dentures are an affordable option to consider for your smile. Not only can dentures help your smile look its best again, but will also make it function properly as well. Our dentists, Dr. D. Robert Haas, Dr. Sarah Haas, and Dr. Melvin Burns have been helping patients restore their smiles with denture services for decades. Indeed, we offer custom made full and partial dentures that are comfortable and secure and aesthetically pleasing for our patient’s in Lebanon, Ohio.

At Family Dentistry, Inc., our dentures are oral appliances which you can put in and take out. Our complete dentures can repair your smile by replacing lost teeth in a what is called a full dental arch. Depending on your oral condition, our dentists may recommend a full dental arch replacement in either one arch or both. A denture adhesive may be recommended to maintain your denture’s stability.

Denture adhesive can come in a paste or powder form. You will want to use just the right amount of adhesive because too much can alter your bite. This can cause problems with your jaw which can prematurely wear on the dentures. To use denture adhesive, you simply put them on clean dentures. Removing and cleaning your dentures every night works well; simply put them in water overnight. Then, when you wake up, rinse them off, place some adhesive on the denture, and put it in your mouth right away. You can expect the adhesive to keep your dentures in place throughout the day, although a lower denture might become loose after eating and drinking. If this should happen, put some more adhesive on to keep the denture secured.

With dentures, not only will you be able to eat and speak properly again after losing teeth, but your face shape and appearance will improve as well. At the dental office of Family Dentistry, Inc., we are happy to give you something to smile about! Please call 513-932-6991 today to make a change to your smile.