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Do you know what constitutes a dental emergency that might be happening to you? Do you know what to do if one arises? If you are indeed experiencing a dental emergency, you have two options.

If it is during daytime hours, we ask that you call our Family Dentistry, Inc. team in Lebanon, Ohio to be seen by one of our caring dentists, Dr. D. Robert Haas, Dr. Sarah Haas, or Dr. Melvin Burns as soon as possible. Why is this important? Because seeing our dentist within 30 minutes of knocking out a tooth can mean the difference between losing the tooth or saving it.

Not every dental mishap requires immediate treatment, but if you call our team we can tell you if you need to come in or if you can wait. With some emergencies, we can schedule an appointment the same day, or later. For example, a crown which has fallen off of its tooth can be re-cemented at a later time, especially if it is not causing you pain. If you have a sports injury or that has severely loosened or knocked out a tooth, then immediate treatment is recommended.

To determine whether or not you are experiencing a true dental emergency, or having a dental issue that can wait to be remedied, you can ask yourself the following:

— Do you have severe swelling or bulges in your gums?
— Are you experiencing severe pain in your mouth?
— Do you have a tooth which feels loose enough to fall out?
— Is there bleeding in the mouth that isn’t slowing down?
— Have you incurred trauma in the mouth or face?

If you are by chance traveling when you have an oral injury or accident, we recommend going to the nearest emergency room for timely treatment. In addition to knowing when to be seen for dental issues, it helps to maintain regular dental checkups by our dentist to spot potential problems before they turn into emergencies. If you have concerns about your oral health, please give our Family Dentistry, Inc. team a call at 513-932-6991 today. Dr. D. Robert Haas, Dr. Sarah Haas, and Dr. Melvin Burns look forward to treating your smile!