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Do you get something built up along your gumline and teeth? Can you usually get it off after brushing, flossing or gently scraping it? If so, it could be a colorless, sticky film of bacteria and sugars known as plaque, which continually forms on your teeth.

Your mouth is naturally full of bacteria and it can collect on your tongue, teeth and gumline. Plaque often forms at the gumline and is completely normal and may even be expected by our dentist. When that bacteria mixes with sugar, acids can be produced that could eat through the enamel and cause cavities if you don’t remove it.

Additionally, if plaque is allowed to remain on your teeth it could harden and become tartar, which is a calcified form of plaque. Once it has calcified, it can become much more difficult to remove, and you may need Dr. D Robert Haas’s assistance.

How you can help prevent plaque buildup

One of the simplest ways to keep plaque from building up is to practice proper dental hygiene. Our dentist recommends that you brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. You might also consider limiting your sugary and starchy foods to help reduce the bacteria’s food supply. Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum could be beneficial because it can increase your saliva production, which can naturally clean your mouth.

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