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Do you have a dental crown? If so, you should do everything you can to keep it in tip-top shape. If you clean and care for your dental crown restoration, then there is a good chance it can restore your tooth for many years. So, to help you keep your dental crown in top-notch condition, our dentist, Dr. Robert Haas, encourages you to do the following things:

-Brush: Brush your dental crown twice a day (as well as your other teeth). As you do so, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Brushing can help you remove the harmful substances that gather around your crown and threaten to harm your smile.

-Floss: Floss your crown once a day with a product of your choice. Flossing can help you remove the harmful substances from each side of the crown as well as along the gums. Remember to floss your other teeth as well.

-Visit your dentist: It’s important to attend your six-month checkups so our dental team can remove any plaque or tartar around your dental crown and so we can make sure your restoration is still in tip-top shape.

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