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There are times when Dr. Robert Haas is faced with a tooth that has been so badly damaged or decayed, that they simply must extract it to prevent future complications. Once your gums have healed they can help you choose the restoration method that is right for you. One of the most effective options is to install a dental implant with a crown.

Restoring an extracted tooth starts with a thorough examination the area to make sure the surrounding bone structure is sufficient and healthy enough to anchor an implant. If too much bone structure was lost in your jaw during the extraction, we might recommend you receive a bone graft before proceeding.

This implant procedure calls for making a small channel in your jawbone. Then a titanium abutment is screwed directly into the bone. This creates a small post known as an abutment. Once the abutment has fused with the surrounding bone structure, Dr. Robert Haas will create a detailed impression of the abutment. This will serve as a guide for a dental lab, where a permanent crown is made.

When the permanent crown is ready, Dr. Robert Haas will call you back in to install your permanent crown. With proper care and cleaning, your restored tooth should serve you for many years.

If you have had a tooth extracted, you should call Dr. Robert Haas’s office in Lebanon, Ohio at 513-932-6991 to explore your restoration options.