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A vibrant, healthy smile is no accident. Your daily habits, along with regular dental cleanings, and even genetics all contribute to your smile. Even so, time and bacterial plaque can damage your pearly whites by causing cavities. This is where dental restorations come to the rescue. Dental fillings can restore your tooth and keep it healthy and functioning for years to come, giving you a reason to smile. At Family Dentistry, Inc. we offer white fillings, which are made from composite resin (a strong plastic material) offering many advantages when compared to traditional dental fillings. But what happens when a filling deteriorates? With time and wear and tear, even a dental filling will eventually need replacing. How does this happen?

–As the seal between the tooth enamel and the dental filling weakens, bacterial debris can seep under the filling and decay the tooth. If the decay goes on long enough, it can cause infection of the tooth pulp which can cause an abscessed tooth.

–Pressure on the filling, whether from chewing grinding and clenching of your teeth (also known as bruxism) can cause a filling to chip, crack, and wear down. If this process is painless, and you delay treatment because you are not aware it is happening, it may require more intensive treatment. This is why regular dental checkups are so helpful, because they spot problems early when they are most easily treated.

–A large filling may not be able to be restored again, depending on the size of the decayed area and whether enough of the tooth remains to support a new filling. And if not, you will likely require a crown placement instead.

–An aged filling may fall out due to its size or chewing trauma, or if the cavity wasn’t thoroughly cleaned out and prepared properly before filling.

So, how can you tell if a filling requires restoration? Unless you are feeling pain, your dentist is the one who can tell you if you require a dental filling repaired. If it is painless however, you may not be aware until your next dental checkup. This is a good reason for keeping up with six month cleanings, because your fillings will be inspected to make sure they are healthy and strong. This allows problems to be spotted early so that repairs can be simpler and least invasive.

If you have a tooth that needs to be restored, our skilled dentists, Dr. Haas, and Dr. Burns are here to help! To schedule a dental visit, please call our Family Dentistry, Inc. team in Lebanon, Ohio at 513-932-6991 today.